Something Wicked: the Banaltra Event

"He's sending down a mad mage, 3 drunks, and a pregnant woman... I have a bad feeling about this." - Anterrio on the Solhaven chosen

It began in November '00 and continued until December 2nd. Unfortunately, when my computer died I lost my memorabilia of the event, which included the chants (thanks to Ghost Girl for resupplying them) as well as logs and lists of the chosen from each town. But here is what I have left and what I've gathered with the help of others. If anyone else has more material -- especially logs of banaltra doings during November or during the final invasion, of more lorekeeper discussions, or of the sign-up and "chosen" lists from the various towns -- send them to


It began with the chants and the linden tree. A sapling was found growing in each of four towns, right up out of the street, provoking a few musings here and there. Then one day in River's Rest, somebody spoke up to say they'd seen something strange. Stranger, at any rate. A couple children running out into the street to play with a ball and paddles, only to stop, slack-jawed, and recite the first chant you see below. Over the coming days, we saw it again, the children in the streets suddenly going glassy-eyed and reciting obscure poetry. And then it was the elderly too.


What's wrong with baby? She looks so still.
The white one comes and eats its fill.
What's wrong with grandad? Screams and moans.
The white one comes and cracks his bones.
What's wrong with momma, what's wrong with son?
The black one comes, eats everyone.

Beneath a tree that grows too fast.
Gather the few, gather the few.
Follow the root to the distant past.
The beast pursue, the beast pursue.

Find a blade that's known no blood.
And cut the wood, soft and light.
Find the plant that heals the head.
Gather the blooms, bonny and bright.
Fetch the water that burns so nice.
Bring the vat to hold the soup.
Fire it all with the purest flame to make the wand that saves the group.

Light soft wood, good good good.
Virgin blade on the branch is laid.
The stalk that heals a new side reveals.
Blossoms yellow, that's a good fellow.
In a big old pot, make it nice and hot.
With the water of life it could clear the strife.

Sunny morning, sunny day.
The children go outside to play.
Day so pretty, sky so blue.
Mom and dad so proud of you.
Something happen to your head.
Something come and kill you dead.

Where do they go, the chosen ones?
Away from the sun, away from the sun.
Where do they take the sweetest fruit?
Find the root, find the root.
Where do they go, the old and slow?
Down below, down below.

A blade clean as new cuts a bough from a tree.
A pot that's shaped like the hive of a bee.
A head-healing herb joins a golden flower.
With the water of life to save the hour.

Danger, danger underfoot
Kiss the child goodbye
Gammy, gammy, gammy's gone
Wonder wonder why
Nobudy here?
They all dissappear!

Tree, tree, newly seen.
Blade, blade, razor keen.|
Juice, juice, very mean.
Weed, weed, fresh and dirty.
Bloom, bloom, very purty.
Pot, pot, oh so sturdy.
Mixing them and hopin',
Eyes and mind wide open.

Where can you go, what can you do?
Something out there and it's after you.
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to flee.
Something out there, just wait and see.
Don't help to pray, don't help to cry.

Something out there, we all gonna die.

So it began...

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