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BYOND stands for Build Your Own Net Dream. It's a suite of programs to code, illustrate, run and host your own online multiplayer games produced by Dantom International. It comes with its own object-oriented programming language called Dream Maker or DM, which industry professionals have claimed is easier and better than C++, better than Java, powerful and truly useful.

The might of BYOND lies in the fact that traditionally painful tasks such as managing multiplayer connectivity are by default automatically handled by the system, no work required on the part of the programmer; a basic chatroom program can be written in only two lines, and hosted at the touch of a button. But each of the built-in work savers is capable of being overridden in the elegant DM language, allowing for a system that's both easy for beginners and powerfully customizable for seasoned coders.

All kinds of applications, from utilities to CGI apps to games both graphical and non-, can be created. The graphics system is tile-based, though as with so many other defaults, its strictures can also be overridden by a good grasp of the language.

The system is free to download and free to use. Game designers, however, are at liberty to charge for a subscription to their games under the BYONDimes system, in which a player's account of "dimes" can be spent on any of the hundreds of games offering extra features at a fee. Transactions between players or designers involve no surcharge, and Dantom's only cut is taken when dimes are withdrawn from an account. (The sale of merchandise and premium services rounds out the company's profit scheme.)

Interested in making your own games? Click on the BYOND logo above and download the package. Visit my tutorials to get started.

Why do I publicize BYOND? You'll note the logo is a referral link, but that's just my icing on the cake. I've invested a great deal of myself in the system since I started in mid-1999. Not only do I want my own creations to reach a wider audience, I want to see BYOND succeed, out of the respect and gratitude I feel for its designers, who have given me the ability to make my own dreams material.

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I've always valued privacy, so online I still go by Zilal. I'm a (female) designer living in CT, operating off a cheap Compaq computer. I know HTML but still prefer to create most of my web pages with AOLPress, an old WYSIWYG editor that's no longer supported, much to my chagrin. I used to program quite a bit in BASIC, though most of that is long forgotten. No doubt if you were directed here by a resume, you've read my qualifications, and if you haven't, it's a fat chance you're interested in how fast I can type.

I have a strong sense of design ethics. I could go on at length about the web design idiocy I see from otherwise formidable establishments, and why it's idiocy, but if I'm to be lauded or hired it's for my abilities far more than my views. And if you're interested you can find some of those views in the articles section of this site. One of them, however, is plain to see in the spareness of this site: content is king. Ornamentation is annoyance.

I have a few hobbies besides programming. I hike and backpack, make jewelry, sketch, and write serious fiction for publication. I like frisbee and skating, and played women's ice hockey for years. I'm well invested in Simutronics' online game GemStone III, as you'll see if you visit the section on websites. I'm a heavy news magazine reader. I love Junkyard Wars on TLC.

And that will be the extent of my divulgence. Onward to the rest of the links, at your pleasure.