I've created several (non-game) applications with the BYOND system; on view here are a poll application for use by webmasters and a website forum utility.

BYONDPoll is a program any site can access via a bit of HTML. A form on the website sends information about poll choices to my server, which keeps track of the poll's statistics and spits out a graphical representation of the running. Click on the BYONDPoll link to see instructions for use, or try this one:

What's the most annoying thing to experience at a website?

Slow-loading pages
Loud backgrounds/clashing text
Poor layout
Unstoppable MIDI
Broken links
"Under construction"
Bad spelling/grammar

ZBoards is a website forum utility I designed for personal use. Like BYONDPoll, it's a quasi-cgi application hosted on my server and accessed through HTML on remote web pages. You can see this site's ZBoard in action by clicking the link above, or visit the board on my GemStone III page here.