My body of articles is made mostly of instructional works and persuasive essays. Visit the links below for a read.

BYONDscape is an online magazine containing both free and subscription content regarding the BYOND system.


Z-Tips: Numbers on the Map - Where I show how to place graphical numbers on the tile-based game map (subscription content)

Z-Tips: Buttons in Statpanels - Where I instruct on how to make a clickable button for a BYOND statpanel

Z-Tips: Text and Background Colors - Where I de-mystify the use of style sheets in games (subscription content)

The Elanthian Times is a journal for players of Simutronics' online game, GemStone III.

The Elanthian Times

Tips for Making a Popular GemStone III Website - Where I categorize and explain essential dos and don'ts of web design for a niche market

Juspera's Good Ole GS3 Page is my own site of GemStone III errata.

Statements of the Week - Where I hold forth on a new topic each week, from game design to politics to pet peeves

The Turnip - Satiric, Onion-inspired look at the GemStone III world; all articles by myself