BYOND games

Each of my games save Backgammon is an original creation, though I drew from various sources for my inspiration. The code in each is original, and the graphics and sounds mostly original. The games range in size from 522 to 2,319 lines of code in the DM language.

Click on any of the banners to play a game; click on the name to see screenshots and in-depth descriptions.

Sheep 2

Sheep II - A strategy game for 1-4 players in which you save your sheep by carefully herding them

Night Fantastic

Night Fantastic - A revolutionary game in which your sense of hearing matters more than your sight when it comes to surviving the night


Lexiconomy - A word game for three or more players, with laughter guaranteed

BYOND Backgammon

BYOND Backgammon -  Classic backgammon, lavishly illustrated, with options for play against AI and human opponents


Runica - Another strategy game for 1-4 players in which you attempt to connect your sides while cutting your oponents off


Sixes - A dice game involving speed, luck and strategy together, plus a good dose of humor